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WDEchats: Ken Main; McKown Master Breeder & Brown Swiss Champion

While at World Dairy Expo we had the chance to speak with Ken Main, the 2021 McKown Award Recipent and breeder and part owner of the Grand and Reserve Grand Champion of the International Brown Swiss Show.

Cutting Edge F Faroh -ETV was the 1st prize Senior 3-Year-Old, Intermediate Champion and Reserve Grand Champion. Cutting Edge Thunder Faye, the first prize Aged Cow went onto be named Grand Champion and then Reserve Supreme Champion of World Dairy Expo as well! Both Faroh and Faye are bred by Elite Dairy and owned by Ken Main and Kenny Joe Manion. Together Main and Manion own operate Elite Dairy II; Edge View Genetics.

When asked about these two individuals and what he felt when they both had such great success on the colored shavings, Main said, “Faye has been an exception animal all her life, from calf to cow, problem free and also has quite a history, Faye is a full sister to Foremost, the sire of Faroh, he’s available at STgenetics. Faye is the granddam of the winning Miking Yearling and the 3rd prize Jr 2-Year-Old this year and already has three excellent daughters. She’s proven herself to be quite the brood cow already. It’s something special to see both Faye and Faroh, being family members, accomplish what they did this year.”

Prior to Edge View Genetics, Ken Main was partners with Peter Vail with Elite Dairy; Cutting Edge Genetics. Elite Dairy had a total of six grand champion wins at World Dairy Expo and two Supreme Champion wins with Cutting Edge T Delilah EX 2E95/95MS. This year Ken and Peter were awarded the McKowen Master Breeder Award by World Dairy Expo, this award honors exemplary breeders in the show industry who embody qualities like, outstanding character, ability, endeavor and sportsmanship. When asked what it meant to him to be awarded the McKown Master Breeder honors Main stated, “It was quite an honor, it was certainly a surprise to Peter and myself and we both just want to thank everyone who was with us throughout that time and helped us achieve what we did.”

To learn more about Elite Dairy II, visit their Facebook page here.

Photos courtesy of The Bullvine.

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