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WDEchats: Valley Gem Farm Guernsey Champion

On the last day of World Dairy Expo, we were able to have a conversation with Kim Grewe, owner and operator along with her husband Brandon of Valley Gem Farm. The Grewe family bred and exhibited the Grand Champion Guernsey Cow, Valley Gem Atlas Malt-ET EX-95 96MS for the second time in her show career, this year at only 20 days fresh!

When we went into Malt’s history, Kim explained to us that Malt is actually out of a cow Kim bred while she was growing up in Missouri, Mi Wil Tiller Malibu EX-94, Malibu was also the cow that Brandon and Kim met over. Malt at the age of five became EX-95 with a 96 point mammary system which was quite an accomplishment. Kim also stated that Malt has had a few years of Unanimous All-Americans, she was also been Grand Champion at World Dairy Expo in 2019 and was crowned Supreme Champion at Louisville last fall.

One thing about show cows, they all seem to have a unique personality, so we asked Kim what Malt was like, she laughed and stated, “I’m sure if anyone was watching the show yesterday, you saw some of her personality shining through as I am covered in bruises today as she took me for many rides around the ring, which is truly uncommon, she is normally amazing to show but she is definitely strong willed, she’s a go-getter and is very competitive.” Kim went on to tell us that Brandon and her always joke that she has her own pen at home, not because she is who she is and is so special to them but because it’s for all the other cow’s safety, she does not like anybody in her way. Kim ends with, “That’s what I love about cows like her, she’s competitive and strong headed. She’s a show cow and she knows what she needs to do.”

Earlier in the day, Malt also had a daughter in the Winter Calf class that placed first for the Grewe family as well, which Kim states is one of her first offspring to be at a national show and place first. There was also a Junior 2-Year-Old out of Malt who was 4th place. Kim says, “It’s nice to see her progeny already doing so well, we have two more daughters at home, and we have some coming in December, who may be offered in our sale on May 21st for those that are interested!”

This accomplishment was something more than just a trophy for Kim and Brandon, this year their daughter, Brynn, was in the hospital for six weeks after surviving septic shock. Malt’s colored shaving honors was simply a big win for their family.

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